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In Nigeria, the phrase "I dey kampe" means I am well, I stand firm, I am successful among other similar meanings.

On this blog, the "Kamkpe Mommy" refers to that hardworking lady who is firm, resolute, hardworking and constantly proving to be sucessful. Hey, she is not an "over sabi-sabi" but she sure knows her onions. I am proud to be a Kamkpe Mommy

I love browsing the web looking for top resources in making life better for my friends and family and decided to start a blog where I can share these tips I get with others. I promise to serve you  well!

So, join me here as I bring together Nigerian moms to learn and chat on family, entertainment, lifestyle, health, business, motivation among others.

Its not strictly for moms! It's a family oriented blog!!! Daddies, Uncles, Sisters, Aunties can join in the fun too so spread the word! We will inspire and motivate each other to greater heights. Please, no hate comments on the blog! Thanks y'all!

N.B.. Guest contributors are welcome. Contact me here
          Tuesdays - Money matters , Business Ideas
           Thursdays- Chat & offer advice on real life issues, relationships, family life
              Saturday- Health & Sanitary matters

Please, join me to make this blog enjoyable. Your suggestions, comments & criticisms are welcome. Hmmn! Blogging no easy ooo. Hehehe!

Thanks a lot! Cant wait to read your comments! Lol

Much love,

Kamkpe Mommy

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