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We all use soap right? In the office, at home, worship places? For some people, soap making is a hobby. Wouldn't it be a good if you could make some soap for your family & a little left over for business?

Well, Liquid soap is rapidly taking over  detergents, bars and block soaps in most kitchens, car wash garages, toilets and laundry halls. It has been proven that concentrated liquid soap is more effective when used to wash dishes, cars and even hands. Little bottles of soap can serve as great souvenirs at events! ( Now, that's a business strategy, tap it!)

Given that many people are into soap production, the demand is still enormous so supply is never enough but you must work hard to make your name.

Things you need include:
1. A positive business mind
2. Name to call your soap
3. Skills for making soap
4. Equipments for soap making
5. The right packaging & branding
6. Target market

You should have a positive outlook that you are willing to earn an income. Then look for a catchy nice name for your soap
Be ready to enroll in classes to learn how to make soap. A lot of empowerment programs these days offer them so be sure to join. Practice makes perfect. Mix & mix again till you find a product unique to sell. The right scent & texture will make all the difference!

 Invest in a few new bottles and a good printer for packaging and branding. Wear a great big smile & a positive attitude while reaching out to neighbours, friends, colleagues, worship members that you make & sell soap. 

Even your social media page isn't left out! You can take a picture of your finished product, upload & tell friends about it. Who knows? The business you start out in your kitchen may soon expand into a booming business with an external location!!
Good luck!

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