How to Spend Less in 2016

Hurray! January is gone! Welcome February!
As we all know, January seems like the hardest & most financially agonizing month to go through. But February is here now, should every month be a torture?

Let's see how to spend less in 2016

1. Invest in a shopping list
Always think before you spend. Are you an impulsive shopper? Well, think again in this 2016. People who just shop without thinking end up spending so much more than they plan for. Before you set out to go shopping, try to plan what you want to spend & stick with it.

2. Sort out your assets, liabilities, wants & needs
When was the last time you raided your closets? Please do that immediately. Some items are begging to be thrown away because they have outlived their value while others may just be begging for a chance outside the cupboard.You will make smart er choices than when you buy something you already have just because you never knew of its existence in your closet.

3. Use more Cash than Cards
I am so guilty of this! Ever since I became aware that sometimes carrying cash instead of cards helps make you more aware of your spending, I have made some terrific economic choices.When you enter a departmental store for example and intend to use your card to pay, you may end up picking the whole store. Learn to withhdraw a certain amount from the ATM on a regular basis, and stay within that limit.

4. Devote more time to shopping
Are you the type who just enters the market to leave again the next 5 minutes? Endeavor to devote time to shopping. Walk around your shopping area or market, check out prices, hangle and you will be surprised to get a better bargain than your first offer

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