Amazing! Woman gives birth to 3rd set of twins in 5yrs!

Wow! This is truly a miracle!!

 A Ghanaian woman living in the UK with her husband has astounded nurses and upset odds of 500,000 to one by giving birth to her third consecutive set of twins.

A 30-year old Bradford, United Kingdom-based Ghanaian mother, Abigail Narkie Adama, has given birth to her third consecutive set of twins. She gave birth to the baby girls who joined a pair of 4-year-olds and a pair of 18-month-old twins in the family.

Mrs Adama and her husband, Shaibu Abu-Adama, also 30-years old, said they were astounded when they found out they were expecting another set of twins. 

While making the announcement on Facebook, Shaibu said: "Not sure if I was counting 1,2,3 or doing a 3 & 2 sign for 3rd February... but sure know I was excited this morning as Abbie and I welcomed our THIRD set of TWINS!
YES. THIRD SET OF FRATERNAL TWINS!!! Mother and daughters are doing great! We're still pleasantly surprised and shocked but definitely an enjoyable blessing. We give thanks... to the God who makes the impossible possible and does as He pleases, the Creator who creates how He chooses, and the Father who blesses beyond measure - "pressed down, shaken together and running over". All thanks to thee. Congrats Narkie, an angels-bearing Angel."

The elated mother said: "We thought we were done with two sets, and then all of a sudden I realised I was pregnant again; it was a big shock and I cried because I was was not expecting it.
The other kids are so happy to have two new baby sisters and could not wait to see them for the first time."

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