Start your great business & earn income.....Madam!!!

Are you a stay at home mom or full time housewife? Do you crave for the satisfaction of being your own boss while building a successful home & raising social yet morally upright kids?

Who says you can't start a great business?

Having a home based business keep mommies and wives busy and in turn contribute to the economy by constituting a large chunk of medium and small scale businesses.

Not every woman loves the tension of the workplace. Some women have to stay at home to look after their kids, others don't have the office jobs because they relocated to a new city and have to forfeit their former jobs to be with their husbands and children.

Trust me, not many women love to be without cash and needing to depend on hubby for their every need but what can they do when the jobs are not forthcoming?

The challenges of being a stay at home mom or wife are many. In fact, it is a full time job even though many refuse to believe it especially our husbands **sigh**. From cooking, washing, ironing, house arrangement to a whole list of non-conventional duties, the job of staying at home is the least appreciated.

Do you know that full-time housewives and mothers suffer anxiety, anger and frustrations? They may be prone to nervous and emotional breakdowns. They experience lots of health problems. Quite funny to many men right? After all, they don't work in an office, do they? Hmmmn! Wife na jackass!

You can be a full-time housewife or mother and have your own business. You can work for yourself. Awaken your inner mind, there are opportunities around you. You can transform your circumstances into gold.

Being a stay at home wife or mother helps you to be a great multitasker so if you sharpen your skills and tap into your talents, you can run a thriving business from home while building a great family.

The benefits of home based businesses are enormous: self esteem, ability to financially support the family, self control, patience, tolerance are all perks that come with being your own boss.

You were a woman before you became a wife and then a mother.

No woman has no talents.

However, be sure to discuss any step you want to take with your husband. Many men are willing to support their wives who have good business acumen but sadly, many women have made their husbands to virtually ban them from any thing business related because even while they stay at home, they hardly have time for their kids. They engage in mindless neighborhood gossip, unwarranted competition of social class, lack of discretionary use of social media and endless viewing of television. An idle mind is the devil's workshop, abi na lie? 

So ladies, instead of lamenting about your situations, engage yourself and find out where your talents are. Go and sharpen your skills. Learn new vocation. You can earn money and grow a home-based business using your talent. Earn your own income.

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