Relationship Tips (2)

Its another Thursday with Mommy AJ and its time to spice up our relationship again!
Today's tips are:
Get Loose
Most times, couples go through rough roads in their relationship, things tend to get serious. A great deal of tension mounts up and can deal to animosity and strife. Nevertheless, learn to get loose. 
 Do not take every comment, glance, or movement as a serious problem.  If your mate makes a mistake, let it go, or  laugh about it.  sometimes, laugh at your own self if you make mistakes.  This will reduce any tension. You begin to get loose!
Affectionate Salutation
Do you have a nice, soft way to greet your partner? If not, get one today! You know your partner best! Use it on the days  your partner has had a long bad day . When you hear him arrive home after the kids have gone to bed, greet him in new, sexy lingerie, a warm kiss, and wonderful hot meal. He will fall in love with you all over again for this soft affection.
Learn to massage his toes and feet and work your way to his back. Start the process and with time, you encourage him to massage yours for a change! If things lead behind closed doors, take the hint!!
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