David Cameron wants to take Parenting Classes

Prime Minister says he wants attending parenting classes - with advice on managing behaviour and helping children to play - to become an "aspirational" thing for all families to do.

David Cameron, wife Samantha & daughter Nancy
All parents should enrol in state-backed parenting classes to learn how to raise their children properly, David Cameron will say as he announces a new plan to stop families breaking up and all parents would benefit from more advice on helping children play and dealing bad behaviour.

The Prime Minister’s plan comes as he announces a £70 million investment in relationship counselling to prevent hundreds of thousands of families splitting up over the next five years.
Mr Cameron’s speech marks the latest step in delivering on the Conservatives' key election promise to help families at every stage of life.

The parenting classes plan could prove controversial, with some likely to claim it represents a “nanny state” approach to the private lives of families.

But Mr Cameron believes all parents, not just families from deprived backgrounds, need to get parenting “right”, especially as children grow up after the early weeks and months.

Credit:Telegraph UK

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