Meet "SPERMINATOR"- the man who has fathered 106 kids & counting...

 46 year old Dutch man has earned himself the unusual nickname of “Sperminator”  – because he has fathered a whopping total of 106 babies!
Lots of women from far and wide looking to get pregnant seek out Ed Houben from Maastricht in The Netherlands, who is also nicknamed “The Babymaker” by people in his town, because of his amazing success rate and reputation. In fact, he’s thought to be the most fertile man in Europe!

Ed began donating sperm the usual way – depositing it into a cup at a sperm bank – but decided he wanted to try something a bit more personal. So he began advertising on various websites that he would bring the sperm to couples trying to conceive so they could use it straight away at their homes, using syringes or turkey basters.

After a while of doing this, however, one couple asked Ed to give his sperm to the wife “the natural way” and after considering what they were proposing for around 15 minutes, Ed agreed to have sex with the wife.
Since then Ed’s services have been in demand and, for free, he has sex with single women, wives in infertile couples and lesbians in an attempt to impregnate them.

Ed describes himself as “a truly ugly fat guy with glasses” and claimed in an interview with GQ magazine that before this he hadn’t had sex in around 10 years.  Now he regularly has no-strings-attached sex with lots of different women – several a week, in fact, that he fits in to his schedule. And sometimes more than one woman per day.

His success rate is around 80% and to date, since he began donating sperm 14 years ago, he has fathered 106 children – that he knows of.

Huh?? The others nko?

Around two thirds of Ed’s children were conceived “the natural way” by him having sex with their mother, the other third through artificial insemination.
Ed claims that it isn’t a requirement to have sex with him, but it is the most advisable in terms of getting pregnant.  He says on average, with him, artificial insemination can take one to 12 months, but the natural way, through sex, it can take one to three cycles.
He has an STD test every six months and has now started becoming more selective about which women he will help out, claiming that he needs to feel some level of attraction to them to have sex with them.
In an interview with the New York Post when he was only at 99 kids, he said “I have children in Australia, Israel, Canada, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, England…There are also the possibles,” – referring to the women he had sex with and  never heard from again.

He said a major reason he doesn’t hear from some couples again to find out if the act was successful or not is because they fear he will want to get involved in the children’s lives. He might then hear from them again when they want to try for a second baby.

Having children with women and couples this way requires trust on both sides. Ed does not make them sign a contract saying they won’t sue him for child support. Likewise he doesn’t sign one saying that he has given up all his parental rights to the child. This leap of faith has paid off, to date nobody has sued him for child support.

Despite having so many children already (and the number will keep rising as he keeps donating his sperm) Ed is looking for love and hopes to settle down and have a family of his own one day, the usual way.

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